Deploy InternetArchiveBot on the German Wikipedia (dewiki)
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The German Wikipedia is the fourth largest Wikipedia, with just under 2 million articles. This should be the fourth wiki to be deployed to.

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Page for botflag requests:

Maybe we have already something similar: Not sure, what the status of that bot by @seth is. Maybe you need to speak about that before.

It seems like we're heading towards no consensus here. :/

It seems like we're heading towards no consensus here. :/

I see only one comment here. Was this discussion adequately advertised? Village Pumps and such?

That is the village pump. It was also advertised elsewhere by a German user there.

The problem with dewiki is that they are strongly opposed to bots editing articles. They would rather deal with a backlog of broken links than let the bot replace links with archives.

With that being said, maybe the proposal can be adapted that the semiautomated tools be usable on dewiki and queuing the bot up on demand. That adds human control to the bot and may get the consensus we needed to deploy to dewiki.

I think we should take another stab at convincing dewiki to allow IABot on their articles. dewiki is a huge player in the top wikis.

Looks like this has turned into a full blown RfC. RfC still under construction.

Translations installed.

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Approved for limited trial.

Module deployed. Single page analysis tool can be used on articles.

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Community consensus acquired.