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ArgumentException in ApiEdit.Save
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Message:`Can't save empty pages
Parameter name: pageText`
Call stack:<pre> at WikiFunctions.API.ApiEdit.Save(String pageText, String summary, Boolean minor, WatchOptions watch) in c:\Users\Mohammed\Downloads\AWB\WikiFunctions\API\ApiEdit.cs:line 833</pre>

OS: Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0
version: AutoWikiBrowser (, WikiFunctions (, revision 12018 (2016-05-30 23:01:17)
net: 2.0.50727.8009

  • Encountered while processing Talk:Lui Morais
  • I know that AWB's development version can't be used to save empty pages. However, I wasn't trying to save an empty page. I was trying to create a non-existent page.
  • My bot was able to create non-existent pages such as Talk:Luciano de Liberato, Talk:Louis Rooney and Talk:Lou Reycroft but it can't create Talk:Lui Morais although it is using the same settings file (which I can upload here if needed).

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I can see now what is the problem. Editing in Talk:Lui Morais is restricted because it matches the following title blacklist entry:


When running in bot mode, AWB should detect that editing the page is restricted by the title blacklist and skip it automatically.

@Magioladitis, @Reedy, @Rjwilmsi This appears to be a duplicate of T102218 but I'm not 100% sure if they are both the same problem. Could someone check and verify if these are ok for merging?