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Let us customize Zuul metrics reported to statsd
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Our statsd server is being filled with metrics that are barely used ( T1075: Audit groups of metrics in Graphite that allocate a lot of disk space ) one of them originate from Zuul.

Filippo crafted a patch to alter the statsd metric emitted by Zuul scheduler. It merges the jobs timing together:

I would like to further enhance that patch to let one enable/disable and customize the metrics being emitted. Would need to work with upstream on repo openstack-infra/zuul.git

There is only a few calls that needs to be investigated:

$ git grep --perl-regexp --show-function   'statsd\.\w+\(' zuul/
zuul/    def addEvent(self, event):
zuul/                statsd.incr('gerrit.event.%s' % event.type)
zuul/    def onBuildCompleted(self, build):
zuul/                    statsd.timing(key, dt)
zuul/                statsd.incr(key)
zuul/                statsd.incr(key)
zuul/    def _doReconfigureEvent(self, event):
zuul/                        statsd.gauge(key + '.current_changes', items)
zuul/    def reportStats(self, item):
zuul/            statsd.gauge(key + '.current_changes', items)
zuul/                statsd.timing(key + '.resident_time', dt)
zuul/                statsd.incr(key + '.total_changes')
zuul/                statsd.timing(key + '.resident_time', dt)
zuul/                statsd.incr(key + '.total_changes')

I thought about having the keys defined in zuul.conf something like:

gerrit.event = 'gerrit.event.{event_type}'
zuul.buildcomplete.timing = 'zuul.pipeline.{pipeline_name}.job.{jobname}.{build_result}
zuul.buildcomplete.count = 'zuul.pipeline.{pipeline_name}.job.{jobname}.{build_result}
zuul.buildcomplete.alljobs.count = 'zuul.pipeline.{pipeline_name}.all_jobs

We can then retrieve them from the config file and use string formatting such as:

key = self.config.get( 'statsd', 'zuul.buildcomplete.count' )
if key is str:
    statsd.incr( key.format( {
        'jobname': jobname,
        'build_result': build.result,

This way we can even disable a metric by setting it to False.

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I have no spare cycles to implement the feature in Zuul. That is straight python, should not be too hard for anyone to realize it.

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Seems statsd is strong enough to handle the metrics. Notably nowadays we have ~ 300 jobs instead of thousands so there are way less metrics.