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Cleanup of community-related documentation on Office wiki
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It will be more of a department effort actually, and mostly consists in reviewing and improving internal educational resources, to promote a more DIY model in community engagement, whenever it's appropriate to do so, and save the time of countless people, especially in the Community Dept ;)

Measurements of success

  • Update “how tos” template and pages linked therefrom
  • Document structure of CE
  • Cleanup CE pages to make resources more useful

Event Timeline

Elitre triaged this task as Medium priority.Jun 14 2016, 3:05 PM

Wondering where would be a good starting point and how to coordinate.
Community_Liaisons and subpages (team level), and Category:Community_engagement (department level)?
Would Community_groups still be in scope?
(Urgh. There is also "Community_engagement" vs. "Community Engagement". Sigh.)

Thanks for your questions and availability.
I don't think we'll use Phab to coordinate, as several other people in the dept who will be involved are not here and not used to it.
This task is only meant to track/report about progress.

More details about deliverables ASAP (possibly in July).

There is now a "team" officially working on this goal (me, Quiddity, Karen B. and Joe S.).
We're currently looking at the existing resources to decide what the most relevant are to be merged/linked/included somehow in our work.
We decided against surveying the staff to gather their ideas at this point, but may consider asking for some input at the end of the quarter: it is likely that the development of new resources may become a new dept goal in the future.

The Hub is going live on Office later today.
Sarah completed her part of the work weeks ago for the dept-related part.

Work completed by the rest of the team includes:
"Work with the communities" template changed design
Several, less relevant pages were removed from the template and linked from elsewhere
Main Hub page
The "Community engagement" page is now "Working with communities" to avoid ambiguity. The name for the guide is "Resource Hub for Working with the Communities"
Pages order was swapped
Some titles were made more meaningful
Nutshells were added to allow easier and faster selection
An estimation was run through the Hemingway App for readability (values usually quite good)
:Estimated reading time added
Other hub pages
Content was reviewed/merged/etc.
Media were added when relevant
Good content written in the past recovered: updated and adapted
Guide should feel more like a series now
Fewer abbreviations
Less jargon, or explanations were provided
Links checked
:Bad links changed
:New links added as reference or to See Also section
:Several connections to other internal documentation made
Out of date content removed or archived properly
Featured Resources
Selected from hundreds of pages: this is content which CE teams produced and that could benefit other WMF teams, so its visibility is now increased
Several links added to CE team pages
Many also embedded into guide content
List exists of pages which may become FR in the future
Talk pages
Flow made available on all talk pages of the Hub, regardless of how old they are
Discussion page for the hub linked more prominently to become a conversation space between CE and other WMF staff
All main hub pages are grouped in a new category
Spreadsheet and chart were made to visualize existing category trees and start planning additional related work

Thank you
Maggie and Quim for agreeing to this task;
Sarah for driving the dept-related part;
Joe, Karen and Nick for bearing with me;
Oliver K. for the jokes he left behind.