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Special:Notifications not showing all my notifications in production
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Description says I have only 45 notifications, which is way too small.

Also, it only goes back to 9 May 2016, whereas alerts shows 9mo (9 months old).

My personal account (which this refers to) is Mattflaschen.

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Have you checked if the no-js version shows the same data?

With no-JS, there are 482 (determined by checking the number of .mw-echo-notification), going back to 3 May 2013.

(Also, if I set the paging to 500, there are only 372 on the first page. Not sure why, maybe canRender).

Confirmed in betalabs - the issue appears for a user with more than 100 notificaitons. Also, no-JS is more correct - old messages will show if you change the pagination to 500 (may be not exactly all of them).

e.g. There is a big discrepancy between count in db for user Etonkovidova and what's displayed in enwiki:

 [enwiki]> select count(*) from echo_notification where notification_user in (select user_id from user where user_name='Etonkovidova');
| count(*) |
|     1394 |

Only 100 will be listed on Special:Notifications in enwiki.

This should be [partially] fixed by

It should give access to all non-deleted notifications but the numbers in the pagination widget ("notifications 51-100") may be off.

Checked the fix in 1.28.0-alpha (86ffeb1) - taking into account the pagination problems due to notificaitons from moderated topics, all notifications are displayed correctly.