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Consider the internationalization of the most common templates across WMF sites
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Similar to T137127, I propose we add a {{int:done}} and a {{int:not-done}} messages in the WikimediaMessages extension. At least two WMF projects are "international": Meta-Wiki and Wikimedia Commons. It is not strange that we attempt to translate the templates to make the project more international. The same happens with the templates: {{support}}, {{oppose}} and {{neutral}}, as well as some others; which can be added as {{int:vote-support}}, {{int:vote-oppose}} and {{int:vote-neutral}} as well.

Internationalization efforts have been intense both at Meta and Commons, and have often included hard work with templates (such as {{Autotranslate}} or other complicated wiki syntax to make it happen).

Pro/Con I see so far (will modify later if I find more):


  • Translations avalaible for this templates without the need of complicated wiki syntax or hundreds of subpages or large {{#switch}}es. The template text will just display in the language the user has in their preferences.
  • Performance improvement?
  • Easy translated code for the templates through; with regular updates.


  • Somewhat broken sentences. It's weird to see, for example: Hecho (es). I have deleted the page (en).
  • Risk of external vandalism. A malicious user could vandalize a translation at TWN and have it propagated through our sites, with reversal taking hours until the next localisation update.


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Zppix added a subscriber: Zppix.Jul 31 2016, 10:17 PM

2nd con can be easily fixed by giving adminstrators on the wiki's access to temp change the template message, or give the repo owners an notice to fix and have it fixed in 2 hours or less give or take

Qgil added a project: I18n.Aug 1 2016, 4:13 PM

You'd still have to change thousands of local templates to use those messages, though. Perhaps it's "easier" to create an extension which adds magic words for such common strings?

I'll be bold and submit a patch for Done and Not done. I think Meta, Commons and Wikidata would benefit from this and stop relying on complex langswitch templates or Lua modules.

Stryn added a subscriber: Stryn.Apr 29 2018, 11:00 AM
Base added a subscriber: Base.Apr 29 2018, 2:01 PM

Perhaps it's "easier" to create an extension which adds magic words for such common strings?

Magic words? Like to have à la {{#wmmsg:Done}} or something?