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Show links to intermediate revisions rather than "(One intermediate revision not shown.)"
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Author: bugs

It could show text like: Intermediate revisions: [[1]]

This would be especially useful in this kind of use case:

  1. In "Changes related to" screen, click "2 changes" for some page
  2. Say the 2 changes cancel each other out (eg,
  3. Now you want to see what the first change was that was reverted.

There is no elegant way to do this at the moment. The best you can do is click on "Older edit", then on that page click "Newer edit". It would be nice if there was a direct link to that intermediate revision.

If it's hard to have a list of all the intermediate revisions, a single link to the second-most recent revision would probably be the most useful. Ie, if viewing the difference between revisions 5 and 10, revision 9 would probably the best one to link to if one had to choose. Links to revisions 4, 11 and maybe 6 would also be useful in many cases.

Thinking about this slightly more, I probably mean links to diffs rather than revisions themselves. Someone smart can work out exactly which diffs should be shown.

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bugs wrote:

Oops, I reported exactly the same enhancement request, 2 years apart?

Why not implement it?

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