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codfw/eqiad:(9+9) hardware access request for ORES
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Labs Project Tested: ores
Site/Location: EQIAD + CODFW
Number of systems: 9 per DC, 18 in total
Service: ORES
Networking Requirements: internal
Processor Requirements: 16 cores total
Memory: 64 GB
Disks: 1 TB capacity as RAID1 (software RAID is ok)
NIC(s): 1gbe network card

So this request is for both datacenters. Note that the requirements listed here are the same as T161700 (in turn the same as T141624). There is a reason for that. It is expected that ORES will migrate eventually to kubernetes and it would be great if then we would be able to fold the ores service cluster back into the kubernetes cluster as we move traffic to it without much hassle as to hardware specs and differences.

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We don't have any single CPU hosts spare, I'll have to get a new quote. (They tend to be 10 cores these days at 2.4GHz).

The specs for this are very similar to our recent allocations/purchases for puppetmaster hosts on T142219, just with more memory.

I'll get the quotes gathered for this on a linked procurement sub-task.

Is there a time-frame for when these are needed? (Are they part of any quarterly goals?)

RobH renamed this task from Site: 8 hardware access request for ORES to codfw/eqiad:(4+4) hardware access request for ORES.Aug 18 2016, 5:28 PM

@RobH: time frame is soon, no particular deadline but also no reason to delay this.

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I 'll be updating the task based on internal emails, quite well summed up in T157222#3072376.

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I'll get quotes for this shortly, they'll be based on the identical specifications from task T145026, which was the kubernetes order for eqiad last September. (This will keep it in spec with kubernetes systems as requested.)

I've requested quotes for both T142578 & T161700, as they are both identical hardware spec to the older order on T145026. Once I have the quote updates back from Dell, I'll escalate this for review.

The HP options last September were more expensive, and Dell has come in cheaper on this similar build on more recent tasks, so I'm not sure there is any benefit to having HP quote on this one. (Particularly since Dell won the bid last September and these will be interchangable and in the same service cluster(s) as those previous orders.)

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I have sub tasks filed for the actual quotation, so I'm moving this to pending impelementation, assigned to me, and stalled.

Setup is being handled via T165171.

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