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Sandbox as a feature
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The problem

Currently there is no option to save the article without publishing it. Many times while editing I must manually save my work on the desktop (in the txt file for example), if I suppose the article is not ready to be published yet.

Besides, few times I mistakenly closed my web browser and hours of work flew away. (Sometimes the browser it self saved the text.)

The solution

I've been thinking about a simple button: Save in the sandbox. The article would not be published but just saved.

Clicking the sandbox link on the top of the page, the user would see a list of his drafts. When the sandbox article is finally published, it automatically disapears from the list. Of course, user could also delete the article from the sandbox anytime. Articles also would not have saved past revisions.


  • No more unfinished articles that are prematurely published ("cleaner Wikipedia")
  • Much less edit conflicts
  • Much less entries in Recent changes (easier checking)
  • Much less revisions in the history of the article (easier browsing)
  • Much less revisions on servers (cheaper operating)

Event Timeline

I believe not. That extension is just about redirections and sandbox is still an ordinary page.

Here I have in mind a list similar to Special:EditWatchlist.

With this kind of sandbox as a feature (not just a page), old style "sandboxing" becomes actually unnecessary. Also the Template:In use will be used much less I believe, and users will avoid many edit conflicts.

@Janezdrilc: Would this be connected to the Draft namespace? Do you plan to work on the code for this extension?

Not really. Draft namespace offers just another "classic" page. What I miss is the option to save the article under constrution like in MS Word or Open Office - as many times as the user want, without disturbing Recent changes (and also servers with thousands of saved revisions).

I've been even thinking about atomated saving the edited article in the sandbox, like once per 5 minute for example.

Maybe it would be enough to have just two buttons under the editing field:

PublishShow preview and Save

Unfortunately I have no programming skills... :/

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