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phabricator: can't search for RT tickets (reference field) anymore
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In Maniphest -> Advanced Search there used to be a "reference" field which
you could use to search for imported RT tickets.

Now that reference field appears to be gone from

So there is no way anymore to find old RT tickets, besides having a login on actual RT.

Can we have that field back in search?

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the reference field is what it refers to in comments on imported tickets, like for example T80309

"rtimport set Reference to rt2121."

Yep, this is occasionally a pain for me too, especially when looking through historical tickets that use this field.

Was this something we added as a custom, or is it a Phabricator (Upstream) issue?

It's a custom field but it's configured to be searchable, so I'm not sure why it isn't showing up in advanced search...

I guess we may want to update the extensions repo to extend search to re add that field.

maniphest.custom-field-definitions and maniphest.fields in the config have external_reference.

@Paladox: Can you please elaborate where exactly to "extend search" and how any extensions can or do "extend search"?

@Aklapper hi I am not really sure how they added this in the first place so I thought by extending the advanced search on the manifest we could we add this.

Oh sorry found it

It seems there is a bug with the text field of ^^

This was working before june.

I just tested all the releases we did and I found it broke on one of the releases in june.

release/2015-11-18/1 release shows the reference field.

Aklapper edited projects, added Phabricator (Upstream); removed Phabricator.

Paladox added a commit: rPHAB1667c5b2bf9f: Expose the field text to maniphest advanced search again.

This is different to the upstream patch, I think it would be better we abandon this and just use their patchset.

That will be done when @mmodell merges from upstream. At the time I did the patch there was no patch from upstream.

mmodell claimed this task.

confirmed the reference field is back and works, thank you very much :)