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Wrong diff link in watchlist for category changes with wpusenewrc enabled
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On my watchlist with wpusenewrc enabled the following part is shown:

watched category change with wrong diff link.png (62×873 px, 9 KB)

The link 2 Änderungen links to This link is completely wrong. The curid 4396494 is from the redirect CC0 and does not match to the title Kategorie:Wikidata-Weiterleitung. The diff compares revisions between different articles: 158609718 is from CC0 and 158583429 is from the Kategorie:Wikidata-Weiterleitung.

Expected result:
The diff link should compare the summary of the changes in the category. Because in this case there is only one change the link should be the same as or even better without the curid (T140916):

The link Versionsgeschichte links to with a wrong curid. This bug is already reported as T140602.

Event Timeline

I can't reproduce this; now categories with grouped changes are followed only by the plain text "(n changes)". Can someone identify the commit that implemented this change and close this task?