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Vet and explore new readership retention metric
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(Task intended to form part of a possible Outreachy internship in data analysis with the WMF reading team)

Vet and explore a new privacy-friendly web readership retention metric (based on a data source selected by the Reading team), and build a reporting mechanism for it.

  1. (~ 2 weeks) A report examining various possible specifications of this metric (e.g. choice of percentile, etc.), their possible data quality issues and suggestions how to fix or mitigate them, and an assessment of their sensitivity and robustness
  2. (~ 1 week) An exploratory analysis showing how the chosen metric differs across various dimensions, e.g. project language or geographical region
  3. (~ 1 week) A workflow or an automated tool to regularly inform the Reading team and the Wikimedia movement on how this metric is developing

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This project is currently in progress. I've vetted different specifications of this metric (averages and various percentiles) and examined across different dimensions (device type, Wikipedia project languages). I still need to finalize the queries to calculate the metric, create more charts, and set up an oozie job to automate updating the metric.

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the next step here is for @Tbayer to break up the remaining items on this task as necessary for someone to work on

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