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Figure out how to match phabricator milestone tags for wikibugs reporting
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We recently moved to using milestone tags to track services tasks across their lifecycle (see T91716 for background). In Phabricator, those are modeled as sub-tags of the Services tag, and display as Services (next). These milestones are exclusive, which means that the plain services tag is removed when a task is categorized within services.

We would like to continue reporting on those tasks using wikibug. has an attempt to match anything starting with services.*, but this does not match the milestone tags. We don't have visibility in how phabricator reports milestone tags to wikibugs, so would appreciate help figuring out how to match those.

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It seems the configuration in git is probably correct (see notes below), but just not deployed. I have manually pulled in the latest changes -- that should help.

(notes below for if something else is also wrong in the end)
It has been a while...

Phabricator side:

    def get_tags(self, task_page):
        soup = BeautifulSoup(task_page)
        alltags = {}

        for tag in soup.findAll(class_='phabricator-handle-tag-list-item'):
            taglink = tag.find('a', class_='phui-tag-view')
            if not taglink:

            marker = taglink.find('span', class_='phui-icon-view')

            classes = taglink['class'] + marker['class']

            shade = [cls.split("-")[3] for cls in classes if cls.startswith("phui-tag-shade-")][0]
            disabled = shade == "disabled"
            tagtype = [cls.split("-")[1] for cls in classes if cls.startswith("fa-")][0]
            uri = taglink['href']
            name = taglink.text
            alltags[name] = {'shade': shade,
                             'disabled': disabled,
                             'tagtype': tagtype,
                             'uri': uri}
        return alltags


 projects = self.get_tags(task_page)

        useful_event_metadata = {
            'url': phid_info['uri'] + anchor,
            'projects': projects,
            'user': self.get_user_name(event_info['authorPHID']),



IRC end:

    def channels_for(self, projects):
        :param project: Get all channels to spam for given projects
        :type project: iterable
        :returns: dict[channel: matched projects]
        channels = collections.defaultdict(list)
        for channel in self.config['channels']:
            for project in projects:
                if self.config['channels'][channel].match(project):

        if not channels:
            channels[self.default_channel] = []

        channels.pop('/dev/null', None)
        channels[self.firehose_channel] = []

        return channels

channels = bot.chanfilter.channels_for(useful_info['projects'])

If I read that correctly, it matches on the text of the link (the keys of the dictionary -- in this case: "Services (blocked)"), and this should match the regexps specified in the configuration.

import requests, wikibugs, configfetcher, channelfilter
bugs = wikibugs.Wikibugs2(        configfetcher.ConfigFetcher()    )
tags = bugs.get_tags(requests.get("").text)

{'Wikibugs': {'disabled': False, 'shade': 'blue', 'tagtype': 'briefcase', 'uri': '/tag/wikibugs/'}, 'Services (blocked)': {'disabled': False, 'shade': 'violet', 'tagtype': 'map', 'uri': '/project/view/2312/'}, 'Release-Engineering-Team': {'disabled': False, 'shade': 'violet', 'tagtype': 'users', 'uri': '/tag/release-engineering-team/'}}

chanfilter = channelfilter.ChannelFilter()

defaultdict(<class 'list'>, {'#mediawiki-feed': [], '#wikimedia-releng': ['Release-Engineering-Team'], '#wikimedia-labs': ['Wikibugs'], '#wikimedia-devtools': ['Wikibugs']})

so even though it's in the config, it doesn't match?!

>>> chanfilter.config['channels']['#wikimedia-services']
re.compile('^(restbase(-.*)?|services(-.*)?|blocked-on-services)$', re.IGNORECASE)

That's not right...

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@valhallasw Looks like we've started to get the notifications in the services channel. Thank you, resolving!

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