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/srv/mediawiki on tin not being updated when using scap sync-file
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If I use scap sync-file to deploy a file, it's not updated in /srv/mediawki on tin...

> reedy@tin:/srv/mediawiki$ diff /srv/mediawiki-staging/php-1.29.0-wmf.3/extensions/CentralAuth/maintenance/populateLocalAndGlobalIds.php /srv/mediawiki/php-1.29.0-wmf.3/extensions/ntralAuth/maintenance/populateLocalAndGlobalIds.php 
< 			// Temporarily skipping large wikis, 5 mil seems like a safe number (skips en, meta, mediawiki & login wikis)
< 			$size = $dbr->estimateRowCount( 'localuser', '*', [ 'lu_wiki' => $wiki ] );
< 			if ( $size > 5000000 ) {
> 			// Temporarily skipping English Wikipedia
> 			if ( $wiki == 'enwiki' ) {
[13:09:39] <logmsgbot> !log reedy@tin Synchronized php-1.29.0-wmf.3/extensions/CentralAuth/maintenance/populateLocalAndGlobalIds.php: More skipping (duration: 01m 34s)

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How did we miss this for a month and a half? I know it's been a lot of holidays and deployment freezes but this is a major defect.

@thcipriani was telling me this is fixed in master (done alongside the repo flattening work). We *really* need to get 3.5.0 out.

thcipriani claimed this task.

/srv/mediawiki is now being updated on all syncs; however, I created a new bug with this in T156851: scap wikiversions compile happening too late in scap sync, so there are still some pieces to work out.