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Provide a yearly "Data type" option for topviews
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In "topviews" on , "Date type" unfortunately does not offer "Yearly" but only "Monthly".
It's not the first time someone asked for the most popular viewed pages in T154434 hence filing this request.

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@Shangkuanlc Yep! See T154381 :) I want to see this too, but first we need the data to be populated and accessible via the API. I think I actually know how to write the code, but it needs to be ran by the Analytics team first. I will leave this ticket open so you can continue to follow it for updates on when we add it to Topviews. Regards

I can confirm that this would be very useful, as I got several requests for similar data after the Wikimedia blog published a 'most-read English Wikipedia articles of 2016' piece.

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Doing as part of T211827, though it is really just a hack until we have support in the official pageviews API.

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Yes, we might as well. Though as I said in T154446#4854012 this is really a hack until T154381 is resolved. I am following the latter so if/when the yearly endpoint is implemented, I will incorporate it into Pageviews Analysis. Cheers