while editing in VisualEditor, right-clicking a table in Chrome doesn't give "Copy" and "Paste" commands
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To reproduce, edit a page in Visual editor, create a table, select some cells, and right-click them.

  • Result in Firefox: A "Copy" command is shown in the context menu. Clicking it copies the cells to the clipboard, and they can be pasted.
  • Result in Chrome: There is no "Copy" command in the context menu.

The keyboard shortcut Ctrl-C/Cmd-C works as expected in both browsers, so the copying action is definitely possible, but in Google Chrome it is not accessible to people who do it using right-clicking. I practically always use the keyboard shortcuts, but I see a lot of people who prefer copying using right-clicking, as inefficient as it may sound, so this should be possible.

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As far as I can tell, this is actually triggered by your right-click being on an empty cell. If the cell doesn't contain any text, Chrome won't think there's anything to copy.

On text:

On empty:

Note that you can reproduce the same issue without having to select multiple cells. (Though it's more obviously-wrong when multiple cells are selected.)

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