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An admin cannot create an account with Special:CreateAccount if the IP is blocked with account creation prohibited
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For testing this, I blocked (my own IP address at the time) in the Hebrew Wikipedia, with block ID #165352. I then logged in to my account, which has sysop permission in the Hebrew Wikipedia. I went to Special:CreateAccount, filled the form and submitted it. I saw a message saying that account creation from that IP is blocked.

I see no reason to prevent logged-in sysops from using account creation using Special:CreateAccount, even when account creation from that IP address is blocked. A sysop is supposed to be a trusted user who knows what he's doing, so it should be possible for a sysop to override the block.

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Hi @Amire80, I played with this a little bit, is this still the case?

I can't seem to reproduce this locally after blocking my home IP ( and tried creating an account from the blocked IP with a sysop account.

Account was created successfully. Let me know if this still happens or you can still reproduce and I'll investigate more

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Poking @Amire80 here again, now I can't seem to reproduce this locally. Can you give it a go again?

although this is "older" this sounds like a duplicate of the more documented T189362