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Reattach global account deleted by mistake
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Another global account just deleted in error. Please re-unify so we can globally lock. A maintenance script in rECAU (attachAccount.php) can be used IIRC.


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The script can attach account, but needs a CentralAuth account for that:

		if ( !$central->exists() ) {
			$this->output( "ERROR: No CA account found for: {$username}\n" );
Dereckson claimed this task.

I migrated the account from local account to SUL, then reattached:

$ mwscript extensions/CentralAuth/maintenance/migrateAccount.php --wiki=aawiki --username=Zlazstadpieroniebomiurwieszkabelodinternetu --attachmissing=true --homewiki=plwiki
CentralAuth account migration for: Zlazstadpieroniebomiurwieszkabelodinternetu
INFO: Setting homewiki for 'Zlazstadpieroniebomiurwieszkabelodinternetu' to plwiki
INFO: Incomplete migration for 'Zlazstadpieroniebomiurwieszkabelodinternetu'
2017-01-19 17:41:32 processed 1 usernames (1.2/sec), 0 (0.0%) fully migrated, 1 (100.0%) partially migrated

$ cat > toAttach
$ mwscript extensions/CentralAuth/maintenance/attachAccount.php --wiki=aawiki --userlist toAttach
CentralAuth account attach for: Zlazstadpieroniebomiurwieszkabelodinternetu
ATTACHING: Zlazstadpieroniebomiurwieszkabelodinternetu@loginwiki
ATTACHING: Zlazstadpieroniebomiurwieszkabelodinternetu@mediawikiwiki
ATTACHING: Zlazstadpieroniebomiurwieszkabelodinternetu@metawiki
[2017-01-19 17:42:03] processed: 1 (3.0/sec); ok: 0 (0.0%); attached: 1 (100.0%); partial: 0 (0.0%); failed: 0 (0.0%); missing: 0 (0.0%);

According all looks good.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2017-01-19T17:47:10Z] <Dereckson> Reattach Zlazstadpieroniebomiurwieszkabelodinternetu CentralAuth account (T155184)

Locked. Thanks for it and for the documentation. Shall we add it somewhere in Wikitech for future cases?