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At least 5 accesskeys don't work in Chrome on Windows as suggested by tooltip
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While Chrome has Alt key as modificator to work with accesskey HTML parameter, for some reason some keys also work with Alt+Shift, but some do not. But tooltips near interface elements mention only [alt+shift+key] option.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open in Chrome on Windows.
  2. Try pressing Alt+Shift+b (should take you to summary input field), , Alt+Shift+, (should put caret in the edit box), Alt+Shift+i (minor edit checkbox), Alt+Shift+w ("Watch this page" checkbox), Alt+Shift+. (should take you to your user page).

All of these don't work, at least for me and one person I asked, while Alt+key shortcuts work.

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Restricted Application added a subscriber: Aklapper. · View Herald TranscriptJan 24 2017, 8:47 PM

Is there any accesskey where Alt-<key> doesn't work but Alt-Shift-<key> does?
Othewise I would just change the tooltips to Alt. The page says «Alt+⇧ Shift is required in some circumstances» but doesn't explain which ones are those.

PS: the 'm' access key turns out to be Move, with minor using 'i'

I checked all hotkeys I could find in HTML source on edit and history pages (for this experiment, I concluded the hotkey is working if the loading process was initiated in the tab—not sure though if it would've taken me to the right place).

Results are the following:

  • With Alt, only Alt+F (search) and Alt+E (edit) don't work (both invoke the main menu).
  • With Alt+Shift, apart from 4 failed hotkeys mentioned above, Alt+Shift+, doesn't work (puts caret in the edit box).

Would appreciate if my results were rechecked. Also, I've found that Alt+V hotkey (as well as Alt+Shift+V) opens visual editor instead of pushing "Show changes" button as tooltip states. And on top of all this, all hotkeys work only with Latin keyboard layout—not Cyrillic.

In T70798 task it is mentioned that "E, D, F etc does not" work in Chrome as part of Alt combination, but I don't see what Alt+D does, can't find it in HTML source.

PS: the 'm' access key turns out to be Move, with minor using 'i'

Thanks, fixed.

So either different modificators should be mentioned in tooltips for different hotkeys with probably Alt as the main, or browser hotkeys should be overridden (not sure if it's a proper thing to do).

Jack_who_built_the_house renamed this task from Many accesskeys don't work in Chrome on Windows to At least 5 accesskeys don't work in Chrome on Windows as suggested by tooltip.Jan 25 2017, 2:11 AM

Come on folks, keyboard shortcuts are not working as promised, not a minor issue.

@Jack_who_built_the_house: Anybody (whether volunteer or paid by some organization) is welcome to work on tasks they are interested to see fixed. If you plan to work on this task and provide a patch, please claim the task by setting yourself as assignee. Thank you for your help!