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RC search filter bar double click - suggestions are not displayed
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As a follow up for T149435: Build user interface for the Filter Search Bar
If a user double-click (a slow double click) in the search field, the field will be outlined, indicating that the focus is on it. Start typing, e.g. 'Bot', no suggestions of filters are displays. You need to click somewhere else to make searching for filters work again.
So, the following screenshot illustrates the case - the Search field is outlined, and the cursor is in it, but suggestions are not displayed.

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 2.30.33 PM.png (297×1 px, 81 KB)

@Mooeypoo commented:
We seem to have an issue here with the popup ironically ignoring $autoCloseIgnore, so clicking on the input twice seems to close the popup?

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Etonkovidova renamed this task from RC search filter double click - suggestions are not displayed to RC search filter bar double click - suggestions are not displayed.Jan 25 2017, 1:54 AM
Catrope subscribed.

I found out that we were passing $autoCloseIgnore incorrectly and Moriel cleaned that up as part of a recent patch, and apparently @Etonkovidova said she can't reproduce this anymore?

@Catrope - yes, the issue is not present anymore.

QA recommendation: Resolve.