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[Epic] Rewrite XTools: Top edits
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See on how to setup the app on your local. If you need help don't hesitate to contact @MusikAnimal or @Matthewrbowker. The first bit of time working on XTools will likely be finding your way around the source code. It is built using the Symfony framework, so you might look to their docs for more general information.

The old code can be found here and here.

The new repo is at


  • Controller is in /src/AppBundle/Controller/TopEditsController.php
  • Views are in /app/Resources/views/topedits (uses Twig)
  • You can more or less adapt the same SQL queries that the old XTools uses.
  • Try to model the views after the current top edits. See here for an example.
  • Don't worry about the "skeleton" of the new XTools, e.g. the general layout. It is a work in progress.
  • +1,000 points for adding tests as we go along. As Matthew mentioned below, Symfony comes with a test framework based on PHPUnit.

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Samwilson moved this task from Working to Working on the XTools board.

If I have a suggestion for improvement, should I open a separate phab ticket? I would like to see a "Top edited pages" list that shows the top 100 pages from all namespaces together.

@Stevietheman: So basically an "All" option in the Namespace select list? It would be best to open that as a new Phab ticket (that is a subtask of this one).

Sounds like a good idea. The namespace selection needs to be changed anyway because at the moment it is hardcoded into a view, and doesn't include non-Wikipedia namespaces.

I was just taking a look at this again, and wondered why the entries don't have counting numbers (1-100). Is there any particular reason why this can't be there as well? I would think it would communicate that there are 100 total entries and a user can better mentally picture a slice of the list (say, Top 10 or Top 40).

On second thought, I guess it would be a little tricky as some entries' number of edits would be tied with others.

@Samwilson What is the status of this task? According to T153112: Epic: Rewriting XTools, Top Edits is done.

Samwilson moved this task from Older: Tracking Work by Others to Archive on the Community-Tech board.

Yep, this is done!