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Paper format with Score extension in Wikipedia is A4 only
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Hello, we experienced, that score with the raw=1 tag, gave bad results with broader line lenghts. i.e. we tried to give specific line breaks here:

(I used the \new Voice with s2 * 6 \break etc. but 7 bars in a line were impossible, it broke to 4 and 3)

We discussed it here

and found the limiting issue being:

ok, so it looks like the Score extension adds "-dsafe=#t" which tells lilypond to disable some stuff -- like paper sizes.

In our case it limited # (set-paper-size = "a3 'landscape") or a4landscape, too, and # (set-default-paper-size = "a3 'landscape") which worked fine with frescobaldi and at the console.

Reducing the output works, but not expanding it over the size which is the paper issue.

We decided to request a paper choice feature, or a jail for the whole extension. Especially landscape format would be desireable and some number of pages (Four at least? For one Page partitura. We had no discussion yet.). Or A3 or "ansi d". Or even longer lines.

Even one needs the raw=1 if he uses definition in score like
melody = { a b c}

Cheers from a Newbie

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@Aklapper do you know who is charged with the Score extension?

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Per that list, I've added the VE tag. It specifically mentions Alexander Klauer, but I don't know his phabricator id.

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I wrote to GrafZahl (=Count/Duke Number aka Alexander Klauer). Low, how sad!

Alexander Klauer = Graf Zahl wrote, he cannot help. He develloped it a long time ago with many others.

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shows translatewiki as main editor? Latest changes by edg2s, at github.
Doctorlard = Jonathan Harker contributes too at github. I have no account there.

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Here is a tweak we found, but it seems insufficient, as it shows other results, that are not intended.
\overrideProperty Score.NonMusicalPaperColumn.line-break-system-details

#'((X-offset . 0))

out of the "break" voice:

umbruch = \new Voice {\time 2/4i

s2 * 6 \noBreak \break
s2 * 6 \noBreak \break

\overrideProperty Score.NonMusicalPaperColumn.line-break-system-details

    #'((X-offset . 0))
  s2 * 7 \noBreak \break
  s2 * 6 \noBreak \break

together with

\score {

\layout {
  \context {
    \override NonMusicalPaperColumn.line-break-permission = ##f
    %\override = ##f


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Change 370306 had a related patch set uploaded (by Ebe123; owner: Ebe123):
[mediawiki/extensions/Score@master] Run lilypond from inside firejail

Change 370306 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/Score@master] Add option to use -dsafe argument in Lilypond command

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Fixed with safe mode turned off.

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