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Black background has excessive contrast with light checkered background applied to transparent images
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The background in general should not be black in the first place (too dark, but there's also a related bug about it causing problems with black images), and using a light checkered background for the transparent images is also very jarring against this, resulting in a very hard, high-contrast line. The background for everything should be a single, more neutral colour, with some sort of indicator where the image edges are, applied to all images. One of the purposes of even having a transparent background is that an image can then be stuck on anything, usually seamlessly, and this just negates that.

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Isarra created this task.Mar 24 2017, 9:31 PM
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Tgr added a subscriber: Tgr.Mar 24 2017, 11:18 PM

What would that indicator look like?

I recommend seeing what else oojs does for selections in various widgets and using one of those. If nothing exists currently, then add a new one.

Wait, crap, mmv isn't actually using oojs, is it?

Eh, just set the general background to something like #444 (maybe make it all checkered with 555 or something?) and then add a border on hover. Thick blue (progressive?) would be consistent with standards used in oojs.

Tgr added a comment.Mar 25 2017, 9:57 PM

MMV is using OOJS but you probably meant OOUI, and it's not using that (for the canvas, at least) because it's rather large. In any case, the file selector wizard in VE is the only relevant OOUI-based feature I can think of, and that just uses white backgrounds and adds a border, which looks ugly for partially transparent images (not really a problem for an image picker, bit would be for an image viewer).

The checkered pattern was added due to T59620. Adding a solid background color generally has the same issue (plus, non-black surroundings tend to be more ugly for photos). Hover is not particularly useful to rely on for an image viewer + not supported on all devices.

Calculating a background color dynamically based on some sort of image processing was suggested, but it seems like a lot of effort for questionable results.

Using a black baground for anything is usually a poor design choice,
photos included. The very high-contrast hard edge against ALL
transparent or partially-transparent images only makes it worse, but it
will affect any image with a light background.

That's the problem, and why I filed this task, but I really don't care
enough to try to solve it for you when all you're going to do is fight me.

Tgr added a comment.Mar 26 2017, 1:05 AM

I don't think I've been combative at all, I just tried to summarize the history of this issue in MMV. But in general you should not open tasks that you are unwilling to explain or argue for. There is no shortage in people with strong opinions and high horses in MediaWiki development, and it's usually not easy determine the level of clue. MediaViewer went through a design review and seems to be mostly in line with what other websites do (Flickr for example does display bright images on a black background), so Joe Random showing up and saying that it looks horrible is unlikely to be reason enough in itself to write (or even accept) a patch.

My apologies. I was thinking of other tasks. You have not been particularly combative here, at least until now. You might want to reconsider your words as well.

Tgr added a comment.Mar 27 2017, 7:34 AM

Sorry! I am prone to high-horsing myself. In a couple weeks the Multimedia team will move to Reading, and will probably become the maintainers of MediaViewer, so I guess I should just leave subjective decisions to them.
(As for the other tasks, I think what you are asking for in T161346 is already there, but maybe I'm just misunderstanding what you are asking for, so a more bug-report-style description would help. And T72933 just does not seem useful to me in 2017. Maybe I just don't understand the browser landscape well enough.)

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Moving to Design column for designer to review once available. (CC @Nirzar for visibility). Initial read is this would require some review against the state of the art and standardization considerations for the other consumption modes (mobile web, Android, iOS, etc.)

The current checkered background doesn't work at all for transparent images with white text like Maybe look at the average value of the image and select a darker checkered background if it's near white?

Isarra renamed this task from Black background has horrible contrast with light checkered background applied to transparent images to Black background has excessive contrast with light checkered background applied to transparent images.Oct 20 2018, 1:35 AM

I actually really like this idea - programmatically set the background to a colour calculated from the content of the image itself, if colours not already varying a lot. Would something like that be feasible?

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