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Add API parameter to use RemexHTML as the tidier for action=parse
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By having this API parameter we can run visual diffs against production wikis as templates, etc. get fixed and that gives us a pulse for how fixup is going and when Tidy can be realistically switched off.

There are two other alternatives: (a) use Parsoid's visual diffing as a proxy since the same HTML5 issues exist for both Parsoid and RemexHTML (b) periodically sync the dbs on mw-expts and mw-base VMs.

(a) is simple but results can be a little less authoritative. (b) is cumbersome and labour intensive. So, adding the API parameter would be ideal. Running visual diffs against the production wikis also lets us do targeted outreach to editors for fixups based on those test results.

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Legoktm renamed this task from Add API parameter to use RemexHTML as the tidier to Add API parameter to use RemexHTML as the tidier for action=parse.Apr 5 2017, 3:39 PM

As a MediaWiki-API task, this needs a way to do that via ParserOptions or the like. At the moment it looks like it would require screwing around with $wgTidyConfig which would probably be a really bad idea to be doing in ApiParse.

tstarling removed a project: MediaWiki-API.

It can be in ParserMigration. The ParserMigration extension has configuration for multiple tidiers, it can expose an action which parses with the "new" and "old" parser. No project tag for it at the moment but removing MediaWiki-API since it won't be in core.

Change 362331 had a related patch set uploaded (by Tim Starling; owner: Tim Starling):
[mediawiki/extensions/ParserMigration@master] Add API to ParserMigration

Change 362331 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/ParserMigration@master] Add API to ParserMigration

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