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Add Scots names for languages
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I would like to request that the following changes be made to the local names of languages in Scots (ISO code "sco"):
Bulgarian (bg): Bulgarie
Bosnian (bs): Bosnie
Danish (da): Dens
English (en): Inglis
Spanish (es): Spaingie
Estonian (et): Estonie
Persian (fa): Persie
Scottish Gaelic (gd): Scots Gaelic
Hebrew (he): Ebreu
Croatian (hr): Croatie
Armenian (hy): Armenie
Latin (la): Laitin
Lithuanian (lt): Lithuanie
Latvian (lv): Latvie
Macedonian (mk): Macedonie
Norwegian (no): Norse
Polish (pl): Pols
Romanian (ro): Romanie
Russian (ru): Roushie
Slovenian (sl): Slovenie
Albanian (sq): Albanie
Serbian (sr): Serbie
Swedish (sv): Swadish
Turkish (tr): Turkis
Chinese (zh): Cheenese

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In an ideal world that should probably happen in the upstream CLDR code base under <localeDisplayNames><languages> in a file located at (which does not exist yet, see ).

Change 367036 had a related patch set uploaded (by Raimond Spekking; owner: Raimond Spekking):
[mediawiki/extensions/cldr@master] Add Scots names for languages

Change 367036 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/cldr@master] Add Scots names for languages