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Add a show password button
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It would be nice to have a show password button on login page which will toggle the password view between bullets and a readable password. It can do it until switched back or just till onmouseup/onmouseout.

Use case:

  • I have quite long a password, I am prone to make a mistake when I am typing it, in fact it usually takes me two tries to write it correctly.
  • On the other hand usually I am logging in from home where I do not need to worry about someone else standing behind my back with a notepad and a pen ready to write my password down, so I would really benefit from such a feature.

Of course I always can just change "password" to "text" in Inspector, but I hope it is obvious that this kills the idea to make it easier.

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Should be done by the browser for best saftey/security. Microsoft Edge provide such a feature (you have to press the icon at the end of the password field to see the password, once you leave the field it is not possible anymore), maybe there are also other browsers with this feature

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As I'm not going to be using my main account "on the road", I am only concerned with security of my main account at home where nobody is going to be overlooking my typing. Since my main account passphrase contains over 30 characters, typing blind is becoming noticeably more error-prone as I get older. So I share the concern raised by the OP.

We should not be waiting for a software solution at the browser level, and it doesn't help to point to an example of any browser that isn't available for a sizeable proportion of our editors.

Obviously, any solution should use a toggle on the password display as hover and mouse-up/-down are unavailable for mobile users.

I'm obviously not suggesting this as a general solution, but I cannot recommend using a password manager highly enough in this situation (or, indeed, in general); all of them that I'm aware of have a password autofill feature, in addition to all the other benefits that come with using one.

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