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Better indicate to users that 3D models can be interacted with
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One design piece of feedback: in the 3d View, its not clear that I have the opportunity to manipulate the image. A small hint to "Click and drag, to see the image", or a little logo that does that (as happens with Facebook 360 photo), would help a lot with engaging it.

The mouse cursor icon does turn into the hand cursor, but perhaps a more predominant on-screen indicator of orientation or available interactivity would be wise.

Screenshot from Facebook 360 video. Note the orientation UI toward the top-right corner

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 11.44.41 AM.png (563×905 px, 585 KB)

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This is a link of a video of what FB uses right now for 360 panorama controls.

  • It has the 360 degree animation in the center straight after initial loading, this disappears quickly and is to be able to quickly recognise this content.
  • Then it has the 'orientation' compass in the the top right, which indicates the current angle within the panorama. This is permanently present.
  • And lastly at the bottom, after a few seconds, it will show an animated 'how-to' to explain how to change the orientation. This is platform dependent. On desktop it tells you u can use a mouse drag, on mobile it tells you to rotate your phone. This is on screen long enough for people to process the instructions, about 3 seconds. It will not show if you already engaged with the content.

Idea: add two circular arrows to indicate that you can drag & interact with the image.

baseline_3d_rotation_black_18dp.png (36×36 px, 517 B)

(Material Design icon)

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