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enable namespace inversion (&invert=1) for other special: pages
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Author: charlottethewebb

Special:Recentchanges allows us to use &namespace=X&invert=1 to get the most recent edits outside of namespace X. Can we please enable this wonderful feature for Special:

Any other special pages which have a namespace selector*



  • Can be found with grep -r namespaceSelector includes/specials/

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement
Whiteboard: aklapper-moreinfo
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charlottethewebb wrote:

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grutness wrote:

I've just asked about exactly the same option at Wikipedia's Village Pump. Given that for most editors, half or more of the edits will be in article space, having a way of searching through all other spaces in one hit uld be a definite boon. I'd certainly give this proposal a big thumbs up.

Contributions, see bug 19698
Watchlist, see bug 31704

It is better to fill a bug per page to get a overview.

(In reply to Charlotte Webb from comment #0)


Those three are already covered in specific bug reports, see the comments here

Any other special pages which have a namespace selector

Please provide specific examples.

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The three listed special pages are now have the invert option -> closing because the requested pages are done (but with different bugs, see comments).

If more special pages are needed, please create a new bug/task per special page to allow different developer to work on different special pages. Thanks.