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Delegate/empower addition of new languages at
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T165883: Language support requests backlog drive was good, but we need to make the approval smoother across the year. Siebrand still cares, but needs help.

In an ideal world we'd involve a "new" volunteer to take ownership of the process. This requires at least two things:

For the first point we could try to reduce the impact (or likelihood) of "mistakes", such as empty/invalid locales piling up at or even MediaWiki core. It seems that jquery.uls doesn't mind having data about some languages even if unused, so that may not be a concern, but requiring ULS changes still makes the process dependent on whoever has +2 there and on their time.

For the second point it would be nice to simplify/collate some steps, for instance Lloffiwr mentioned that he's not very confident with patches and I don't know about Liuxinyu.

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I believe the main bottleneck is the understanding and execution of our language approval criteria. As far as I can see, the patch creation and merging hasn't been a problem. At most it takes a few days to go through the process. Documenting the criteria better, simplifying where possible, and letting people know upfront what information is required, would imho be a good starting point.

ability to follow the same criteria as Siebrand (does suffice?);

Currently says:

  • that the language is included in the latest standard issued by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). At October 2011 the latest standard is ISO 639-3.
  • that there should be at least one person willing to translate into the language.

I would add:

  • It is a living language (i.e. not extinct) with people actually using it
  • The script matches standards and/or general usage elsewhere
  • Sufficient information (language code, autonym, direction, countries spoken in, others?) is provided

This process should be documented in a suitable role in
After we don't even depend on jquery.uls/language-data updates, but of course updates to them should still be submitted.

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FYI is not a company or a product, it can't be "purchased".