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Make Jenkins automatically copy documentation files to wiki pages
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Wikibase (and Wikibase extensions) maintain high- and mid-level documentation in the docs folder. To expose this documentation in a canonical location on the web, it would be useful to automatically copy the latest version of these files to, when a change is merged.

The following scheme could be used:

Files from an extension's docs folder get copied to as subpages of the extension's homepage. For instance, docs/ in the Wikibase repo would be copied to Extension:Wikibase/docs/master/ To make documentation of (snapshot) releases easily accessible, the documentation should be copied (for now, manually) when a new release is made. The path for a release could looks something like Extension:Wikibase/docs/REL1_28/

Documentation in plain text (and in markdown?) should be wrapped in <pre> tags when copying.

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Right now the docs folder is displayed on
Probably what will happen in 2020 is we will stop trying to keep the bulk of our documentation in sync with and just link to the docs site.

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