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API: image thumb-url for ProofreadPages
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Would it be possible to expose the thumb-url below in some API (height/width info not necessary)?
This is the image that appears in,_Scientist,_and_Miscellany.djvu/43
Would be nice to know its link via API instead of e.g. scraping the page or try to reconstruct it from the title.


<div class="prp-page-image">
    <img alt="" src="//" data-file-width="2693" data-file-height="3985" height="1655" width="1024">

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@Mpaa: not sure who is recipient of this task but we do not think is analytics, removing pageview api that deals with pageviews (not files)

This is already possible using existing MediaWiki APIs, but it requires some extra processing. Most of the information in a thumbnail URL is also provided in the page name, except for if the file is local or on Commons and the exact hash-based path to the file. Thumbnails for specific pages of a file must also always specify the width. Unfortunately, the Images generator combined with the Imageinfo API doesn't understand multi-page files, so you'll have to extract that information from the title.

If you want the maximum width thumbnail, you first have to get the width, using a query like this. The file page should always be File:<BASEPAGENAME>, but you could use the Images API to check.

Once you have the desired width, you can then use this query to get the thumbnail. iiurlparam is set to page<PAGE>-<WIDTH>px.

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