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Update metawiki description of Cloud Services
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The '"Technical and development" projects' section of currently includes a link to with the link text "Wikimedia Tool Labs", the Labs logo, and the description "Server environment for supporting development and operations engineering".

This is wrong on several levels:

  • The logo is the Wikimedia Cloud Services (nee Labs) logo, the Tool Labs logo
  • The description is about Labs, not Tool Labs
  • The wikitech target page is probably the worst landing page for anyone to learn about the Toolforge (nee Tool Labs) project

Suggested fix:

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If it is modifying the main page or one of its protected pages I can do it or we can grant you temporary adminship to do it yourself, or if you have a staff account with the appropriate rights I think it'd not be an abuse to do it from that account either (but you should check with your manager that).

@MarcoAurelio what do you think about my proposed change to the description there? I think the current wording is less inviting than it could be.

@bd808 It currently reads on the Main Page: Wikimedia Cloud Services. Hosting environment for community managed software projects, tools, and data analysis. If there's another wording you'd like to use, please let me know. Regards.

bd808 closed this task as Resolved.Jun 22 2017, 7:16 PM
bd808 assigned this task to MarcoAurelio.

Happy to help when I can @bd808 :-)