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Can bot Babel AutoCreate automatically categorize newly created categories?
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On cswiki, bot Babel AutoCreate creates new categories automatically. But I have to categorize them into a category tree by my bot, with the following string:

[[Kategorie:Wikipedisté podle jazyka|{{subst:str right|{{subst:PAGENAME}}|5}}]]

Is it possible to add this functionality into Babel AutoCreate bot?

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In fact it is a maintenance script rather than a real bot. If there is a configuration variable feel free to ask for its change by changing this ticket into a site request, or if this is a feature request (there is no way how to to it currently), please write it somewhere :). Another way how to fulfil this request is to create a community bot which would monitor new categories created by Babel AutoCreate and categorize them as the community wish.

Maybe, but it should be tested somehow. BTW is not the correct text inserted to newly created categories, compare with

Btw, I’ve tried to come up with some long-term solutions since we switched to Babel for all our userboxes, and mainly ran into additional problems with it.

Adding a template on this page doesn’t work, because 1) templates are getting substituted, 2) variables like {{PAGENAME}} don’t work with system messages that Babel uses when creating a category. If someone could fix at least some of these bugs, I think that you could fix the problems with its category creation quite easily via MediaWiki:Babel-autocreate-text-main and MediaWiki:Babel-autocreate-text-levels messages.Шаблон:Категория_Вавилона – template that I created for this – unsuccessful variant with a template – demo of problematic Babel output