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Automatically created categories should be categorized: xx-y in xx, xx in <babel-footer-url>'s category
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Babel does not add a parent category to automatically generate categories.
Category is included in the main category, as well as the main category should be included in another category.

In the Japanese Wikipedia has been blocked,
Babel has created a lot of lost category. A short time.

I want to make the ability to add a parent category.

See Also: T33134: add new language code parameter for Babel-autocreate-text* messages

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I clarified the summary: I consider this a bug, because uncategorized categories are useless (for examples see [[ja:特別:投稿記録/バベル自動作成係]]).
The main category [[MediaWiki:babel-footer-url]] can be categorized in the wiki.

Update assignee and CCs

Does adding categories to [[MediaWiki:Babel-autocreate-user]] and [[MediaWiki:babel-autocreate-text-levels]] work? If yes, this could be reduced to an enhancement request.

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Change 332332 had a related patch set uploaded (by Georggi199):
Fixed 2 issues with Babel boxes and categorisation of language codes

I want to be able to turn off automatic categorization. For example, on huwikisource we have a template which automatically adds text and categories in a highly configurable way; I don’t want another autocategorization in addition to this. So I should be able to override this by the customization of the MediaWiki messages. The most trivial way to do this is just passing the category name as a message parameter and modify the default (translatewiki) messages to include the category.

Verdy_p added a subscriber: Verdy_p.EditedFeb 14 2018, 8:38 AM

Autocategorization should probably be configurable so that it will generate a category page containing a local template transclusion such as

  • {{Babel category|da|N}} (per level) or
  • {{Babel category|da}} (all levels for the language).

(This is the same solution as the exposed template used in huwikisource, and implemented in, except that this patches enforces the generation of a parent category in the autocreated per-level category, which may not be appropriate: the "Template:Babel category" can add this itself, the autocreation bot of Babel does not need to do that itself).

In summary, the text to insert in autocreated categories should be also a template with two variables: the language code (with its extension variant), and the level, or possibly 3 variables: the base language code, the optional extension variant seprately, and the level. A local wiki may then just need to customize the format to use in only 2 configuration variables such as:

  • {{Babel category|$1|$2}} (per level)
  • {{Babel category|$1}} (all levels)

without needing to translate it for multiple UILANGUAGE supported.

Such local template on the wiki can provide a correct description, including being able to show the description in the UILANGUAGE, or adding links to local portals for the language (e.g. of use on Translatewiki to link to "Portal:LANG"). With this, we would not even need to configure and translate the default text that appears in these categories, given that the posted text using such template invokation is independant of the UILANGUAGE or default language of the wiki (not all wikis are multilingual like Commons, MetaWiki or TranslateWiki, and the posted message in English only or in the local default language only is not desirable in all cases: the wiki can better decide which text to show).

It is then simpler to configure the general categories that these autocreated categories will generate, there would be less errors, the presentation would be unified, no categoy would be forgotten (many autocreated "User LANG" and "User LANG-LEVEL" categories are left orphaned, or improperly sorted because of confusion made when manual editing them).
And then nothing prohibits a wiki to add other content in these categories in addition to these autogenerated descriptions, by adding text above or below (e.g. some additional banners/warnings, or additional categories used to group languages by family or groups, or categories for local projects for specific languages or language groups)