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Enable QRLite Extension in Bengali Wikisource
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Enable QRLite Extension in Bengali Wikisource.

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Aklapper changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Jul 10 2017, 2:43 PM

The QRLite extension is not deployed yet on any Wikimedia sites.
It will have to go through all steps listed on before it can be deployed.
@Bodhisattwa: Feel free to create the corresponding required tasks which need to be performed first, and make those tasks a subtask of this very task.
Hence I'm setting the status of this task to "stalled".

Urbanecm triaged this task as Lowest priority.Jul 10 2017, 7:17 PM
Urbanecm subscribed.

Also making this as Lowest priority from the same reason.

This very task is unrelated to the MediaWiki-extensions-QRLite codebase itself and just about configuration of some Wikimedia servers. Hence removing that tag.

I'm confused as to what the extension is actually wanted for. What is the problem it's trying to solve?

@Reedy: A rendering of the first part of @Bodhisattwa's community notice:

In order to have Wikisource reach more people, I'd like to serve QR codes on this site. We can take these QR codes we make linking to any work and then distribute them among common readers in a library or somewhere else so we can increase Wikisource's exposure. For this I found some MediaWiki extensions. Unfortunately their current state isn't able to be made known.

I did Google translate it, but it didn't really help.

What's the advantages of using an extension, over say, just putting the URL on a site like and getting an image?

Well, I'm not really a fan of QR codes. How do we know that there's no scam/phishing/attack site behind that QR code?

Well, I'm not really a fan of QR codes. How do we know that there's no scam/phishing/attack site behind that QR code?

Render in the clear text at the bottom of the image or something similar.

@Reedy, @MarcoAurelio As I was not then subscribed to the wikisource-l mailing list, only now did I find this thread detailing more of @Bodhisattwa's motivations.

I didn't review the underlying library, but couple of big things jump out with the extension itself:

  • There's no caching of the generated data. At all. Every page render will result in creating a file on disk, only to toss the data
  • The extension is on Github. We don't deploy from Github
  • Because of that, it lacks any translation support
  • I think there's an HTML injection risk in the extension, considering the alt text is set to the raw content.
  • Inlining SVG content sounds mildly dangerous -- especially without better review of the underlying library

Considering the above, the fact that we've only got one wiki requesting it, and it's dubious utility to begin with I'm inclined to deny this.

If the OP is wanting to generate QR codes for individual pages on-wiki there's plenty of tools to do this and then pass said codes onto a library. Being able to generate them inline on a page isn't all that terribly useful for the proposed usecase imho. I think a tool in Toolforge would be far better suited.

@sarojmeher9: Hi, this is off-topic here. If your browser crashes because of something, you need to report that to the issue tracker of your browser. Thanks.

I think I can withdraw this ticket as there is now another alternative for us to generate QR code.