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[Objective 9.1.4] API and GapFinder prototyping and testing
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Build Labs API(s) that can be used by researchers and developers to use and surface the recommendations in other products and research initiatives. (Note that building the productionized API(s), when relevant, will be done in collaboration with Product teams and is not captured in this objective.)




Estimated quarter(s):

  • Q2-Q4

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@leila can we close this task as T201192: Build API to surface 'morelike' article recommendations for missing articles is complete? I see our future APIs being created similarly as a production service, which means we won't have to create a temporary solution and have another team translate that solution into a production service. We'll be directly building production services similar to the above task.

@bmansurov from the task processing perspective, we can. I know Dario wanted to keep Research-Programs board always showing the objective level tasks though.

@DarTar can you imagine we close the tasks that are done in Research-Programs board? It's a bit confusing to have them open. Maybe we can get a screenshot of the board in its complete form for our records and then close the objective level tasks?