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Create visual diagram of documented components of Toolforge Kubernetes cluster
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Creating diagram of k8s cluster with labeled nodes and functions based off the Kubernetes admin docs. This is intended as a visual guide to provide orientation and ease reading of the admin doc.

This diagram is likely to be very similar to the generic kubernets cluster but will have labels specific to the local configuration.

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is a quick and dirty draft simply collecting the cluster information from the Component section of the admin page.

Plan to use the node naming conventions table and Hiera:Tools data as source for the elements and labels for this diagram.

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I think it is safe to close this task as done.

The 2020 kubernetes cluster has improved documentation in components:

This includes a visual diagram of components involved in the networking setup:

image.png (527×1 px, 232 KB)

(up to date image can be found in wikitech)