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Currently MobileFrontend defines 2 Minerva skin styles for:

  • mobile.notifications.overlay

This creates a bit of a mess as it creates a cyclic dependency - MobileFrontend depends on Minerva, when it should be the other way round.

let's move these to Minerva...

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I believe the root problem here, is that both these modules are registered via hooks meaning MinervaNeue cannot easily patch them with skinStyles. The fact they are conditional might mean it's acceptable for the modules to search for the Minerva LESS imports.. but it feels nasty.

If they must say in the repo we'll need to work out how to do so given they both require Minerva variables:
@contentPaddingTablet, @headerHeight, @contentMargin;

The relevant code is mobile-, not Minerva-specific, though?

The skinStyles should not live in MobileFrontend. That's the main thing I would like fixed.

The longer term goal would be to move the JS modules into VisualEditor and mobile.notifications.overlay into Echo given they rely heavily on VisualEditor/Echo code any how. The behaviour of Echo and VisualEditor on Minerva should be defined and owned by those extensions.

Since the editor lives inside MobileFrontend and runs on other skins on the mobile domain seems this should be declined.
The only skinStyles living inside MobileFrontend are on "mobile.init" and "mobile.startup"