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Create a namespace checkbox for "Gadgets"
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User testimony and analysis of search data have identified a user need of removing gadget related results from their advanced searches.

Create a check box named "Gadgets" that adds (or removes) the Gadget, Gadget talk, Gadget definition, and Gadget definition talk namespaces to the list of namespaces being searched.

Acceptance Criteria

  • when all namespaces associated with the button are included, the checkbox is checked.
    • if you click the checkbox in this state, all namespaces associated with this checkbox are removed, the checkbox becomes unchecked
  • when some or none (but not all) of the associated namespaces are currently included the checkbox is unchecked
    • if you click the checkbox in this state, all namespaces not currently included in the search are included, the checkbox becomes checked.

Event Timeline

Restricted Application added a subscriber: Aklapper. · View Herald TranscriptAug 21 2017, 4:01 PM

Code-wise identical to T173736, T173734 - just a different set of namespaces to map.
We talked about making these configurable (LocalSettings.php).

Lea_WMDE closed this task as Declined.Feb 7 2018, 11:35 AM
Lea_WMDE added a subscriber: Lea_WMDE.

When looking at this closer, we realized that there aren't that many pages in the 4 gadget namespaces. We wonder if the lack of gadget namespaces in some of the searches can be a sign that the gadget namespaces did not exist when people searched rather than people making an explicit effort of unselecting them.
Therefore, we will not have this preset, and focus on the other two (T173736: Create a namespace checkbox for "General Help" and T173734: Create a namespace checkbox for "Discussion"