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Reconsider offering an "edit" button for automatic citations, in NWE
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There was a brief discussion on the feedback page about being able to manipulate a just-created automatic citation in NWE, which didn't get a response (much less a summary) from the developers. T107078: When inserting a new automatic citation, offer "Edit" as well as "Insert" button was closed when there wasn't a NWE, and we've got three power users who would really like this functionality. T107078#2894278 mentions reconsidering this for NWE. So here's a task.

WAID and JDF also mentioned (in the discussion and the task linked above, respectively) that there was some data that said it's a bad idea. I'd like a URL to that data if it does exist.

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I'm going to reopen this task. The whole bunch of stuff in T164954: Be able to re-use a citoid citation in VisualEditor's wikitext mode about figuring wikitext out seems mostly irrelevant for the "first time" insertion of a reference. Maybe it's not and @Deskana has the right of it that the solution for one is the solution for the other, but it really doesn't look like that is the case from an outsider looking in.

Additionally, there's this comm tech request for this functionality.

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