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Screen and watch Community Wishlist proposals related to reusing references
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Vaguely related:


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T222059: Support an easy workflow to fill template parameter mappings across languages
T329942: Create a system to require references for article creation
T164954: Be able to re-use a citoid citation in VisualEditor's wikitext mode
T30684: Collapse templates in editor
T52568: VisualEditor: Be able to name references manually in the reference dialog
T54750: VisualEditor: Make each reference editable where it appears in the reference list as well as on the edit surface
T92432: Come up with a better way to auto-label references
T95702: Be able to use the auto-cite tool to insert a citation template outside of a reference
T96536: "Re-use" does not allow changes specific to the new use (like correct page numbers, quotes)
T100645: Efficient way to refer to different pages of the same work when adding references to an article (#17)
T107078: When inserting a new automatic citation, offer "Edit" as well as "Insert" button
T136722: Get metadata from PDF links in citoid
T142523: Provide a second version of a beta modern wikitext editor integrated into the visual editor
T158465: Automatic import and formatting of literature references from selected database sources
T166098: Syntax sensitive and highlighting source code editor for template code wanted
T174585: Reconsider offering an "edit" button for automatic citations, in NWE
T214038: Better UI flow for PDFs
T216817: Prompt for page number(s) for compatible cite sources (e.g. book, journal)
T245199: Named References in VE: Determine Potential Design Options
T289287: Add support for the 'Cite Q' template to Citoid