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Collapse templates in editor
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Presently most of wikis are using info box templates ( as an important tool. These templates are having two inadequacies for novice and non technical editors.

1)First is these templates usually occur at the top of edit page and a novice user gets confused with all wiki markup in those templates so please do enhance it with either wiki markup or template itself will not show up when page is opened for editing unless clicked as show.

2a) The second request is for a novice wiki user a template concept itself is new in that presently novice user has no way to understand that these info boxes are template pages and there are intricate templates within templates and there is no way for new user to understand that these templates are being reflected from some third page. The enhancement request is to give automated feature in tools which a new user can use to build a new info-box template

the way in vector skin new usability initiative we have given feature for creating tables in the same manner.

2b) Some easy way for new user to understand and reach easily to hidden template that lists the left side list in info-box template.

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This bug is basically asking for template collapsing, something we've half-implemented in WikiEditor but never got working properly in all browsers.

Is this bug more apropriate for MWextension VisualEditor ?

This is not likely to ever get implemented, with VisualEditor in the works.

There are a few gadgets that might be useful for people though:

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I'm going to take community tech off of this ticket because we do not have the bandwidth to take this on right now.