Research landing page front end development
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Front end development requirements for the Research landing page.

  • templating system for navigation, header, and footer: so we don't have to manually update every page when we add a new list item or change a link
  • JS/CSS to automatically highlight current page in nav so we don't have to manually make this change on each new page we add
  • sub-page to parent page nav currently, you can't navigate directly from a sub-nav page back to the parent page. For example, if I'm on the team.html subpage and want to go back to the index.html page ("About"), there is currently no way to do that directly--you can't click on "About" and go back to index.html.
  • Implement new classes Once @cmadeo has designed other new page elements, we will need help developing the relevant CSS classes for those elements

This is a starting point and should be enough for MVP, given the content we currently have for the page. We may find other requirements and/or "nice to have's" for subsequent iterations of the site, such as the ability to embed galleries, interactive graphics, or pull in external content (e.g. embed a widget that pulls a formatted list of citations from WikiData).

Some of these requirements may already be addressed in the WikimediaUI Style Guide framework.

@DarTar We've been discussing different static site generators in T164449 – without finding the perfect solution yet.

@Volker_E per our email discussion, it sounds like neither of the nav/template related requirements are going to be available for launch. Should we keep this task open in case other requirements emerge, or close it for now?

@Capt_Swing If you're referring to the two points in the task description, my plan is to give the CSS/JS highlight another shot.

Capt_Swing updated the task description. (Show Details)Mon, Sep 11, 9:08 PM

@Volker_E that makes perfect sense. In fact, I realized that I was being premature and added two other requirements (also sent to you in email). Thanks for being on top of it!