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PAWS - Redirect loop detected
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I've used PAWS regularly past months, but since last Wednesday I try to Start My Server, and it redirects to and it shows a message "500 Internal Server Error - Redirect loop detected".

Looks similar to previous issues T159072 & T169382.

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I am using PAWS and I have the same problem since yesterday - when I log in - I receive a blank page on URL:

When I get to initial page to stop server and try to stop the server - I receive:

API request failed (400): vodenbot's server is not running

When I click My server - it leads to the blank page again.

Same here: “Start My Server” leads to a redirect, and after three cycles it reports “500 : Internal Server Error”

Today I can start my server normally.

Does not work for me (new FF 57 installed before).
Do get:
500 : Internal Server Error
Redirect loop detected.

This is happening to me consistently, today and yesterday.

Is it still falling for someone in this task? T185434 might be reason for some, but most likely it is not the main reason.