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It is possible to convert a page to Structured Discussions even if that page is protected against moving
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After further explanations: on where Structured discussions are default, it is possible for anyone to convert an existing page to StructuredDiscussions, even if the initial page is protected for move.
The goal is to respect the page protection concerning moves. The current state allows anyone to move a page using Structured Discussion conversion.

On, we have a talk page sandbox located at This sandbox is for testing on a wikitext talk page. Our StructuredDiscussions test page is over on Despite that the talk page sandbox is protected against moving by anyone who is not a sysop, users are still able to archive the talk page. StructuredDiscussions should respect the protection status on that talk page, or have an option to disable converting to a flowboard for specific pages, as a wikitext talk page sandbox having a flowboard content model defeats its purpose.

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What do you mean by archive? Structured discussions auto-archive old topics by surfacing the most active ones.
Do you mean resolving topics?

No, I mean the feature that allows users to archive the current wikitext talkpage and replace it with a StructuredDiscussions board.

You mean it is posible to convert a given page to Structured discussions even if that page is protected. That move is only possible for admins.

Only admins can move Structured Discussion pages or move any protected against moving pages. So I'm not sure to understand what is the problem? :)

I'm sorry if I haven't been clear enough. The problem is that regular users can use Special:EnableStructuredDiscussions to enable Structured Discussions on a page, even when that page is protected against moving. They should not be able to enable Structured Discussions because the current page would be moved, which it is protected against. Yet they can. I've tested this with a user page of mine: My bot-account, which is not an administrator, nor has any rights outside autoconfirmed was able to archive the page and replace it with a Structured Discussions page even though I had protected the page against moving by anyone not an administrator:
I hope this illustrates the situation a bit more clearly.

Trizek-WMF renamed this task from StructuredDiscussions archives talk page even when it is protected against moving to It is possible to convert a page to Structured Discussions even if that page is protected against moving.Oct 5 2017, 2:59 PM
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I've rephrased a bit the title and the description to make it actionable.

I've also created a new ticket to explore possible limitations for page creations on wiki that have SD as the default discussion system: T177504: Only allow admins to create Structured Discussion boards on wikis where Structured Discussions are enabled by default