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A left-floating template is broken while editing in an RTL wiki
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The Hebrew Wikipedia article Evolutionary history of life has a navigation template floating on the left-hand side. While editing in VE, it overlaps the text on the right-hand side.

Display in the rendered article:

Screenshot-2017-10-25 היסטוריה אבולוציונית של החיים – ויקיפדיה.png (1×3 px, 603 KB)

Display while editing in VE:

Screenshot-2017-10-25 עריכת הדף היסטוריה אבולוציונית של החיים – ויקיפדיה.png (1×3 px, 713 KB)

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Most likely there is a problem with the wikitext used to render that template, because other floated templates on the wiki work fine.

So the wikitext is indeed to blame. The whole table is wrapped in a <span style="position:absolute;">, which the old parser throws away as invalid HTML4(?), but Parsoid allows it, so it only works in the old parser accidentally. I'll leave this here for the Parsoid team to look at, but most likely this is a known difference between the parsers.

I've fixed the template, will be fixed when the RESTBase caches clear.

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