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Have translated page names in the suggestions and in the search results
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I opened a discussion thread, and I was advised to ask on Phabricator :

I use CirrusSearch, and Translate.

My wiki is in French, translated in English.

I need to have two things :

  • In search suggestion, I want to have translated page name (eg. Pagename/Page display title/en) according to my chosen language, if it exists.
  • In search results, I want to have the Page display title instead of Pagename/en as a title.

My goal is to provide my non-French speakers a means to know the title of the page, in their language.

After that, I would set this parameter to favor user language pages.

$wgCirrusSearchLanguageWeight = [
     'user' => 10.0, // should favor pages in user language
     'wiki' => 1.2, // boost pages in wiki language

Thanks a lot for help !

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Implementation note: Using (plaintext version of) the display title page property would fix this.

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