One account (in "gerrit_top_developers" widget) counted as two accounts (in "gerrit_main_numbers" widget)
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  1. Go to (Gerrit Overview; all of Sep 2017)
  2. In the gerrit_main_numbers widget at the top, see "218 # Changeset Submitters" displayed
  3. In the gerrit_top_developers widget at the bottom, click "Export: Formatted"
  4. Open the resulting CSV file in LibreOffice

Expected outcome:
218 entries
Actual outcome:
220 entries

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On I get "59 new authors".
Entering author_name:"Jgleeson" as the search scope, I get "2 new authors".
Though only one author is displayed in the C_Gerrit_Demo_Table widget.

Note that the org pie displays both Independent and Wikimedia Foundation, maybe that is related.

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Another example: at the top says "58 new authors". Exporting the list of names in the "New Authors" widget at the bottom as CSV, it only has 46 entries.

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This has improved but there is still one out of four cases left which has inconsistent data.

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This task is not assigned to anyone. Is it committed to this quarter?

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Reflecting and assigning to @Lcanasdiaz as per his comment "I guess we are missing an unique count there. We're working on this."

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