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GSOC proposal - Machine learning fraud detection
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Proposal details are being specced out here - with Saurabh Batra

My current thinking is that Saurabh should submit this both via CiviCRM AND Wikimedia and we can resolve in the approval stage which one to accept it under

@Halfak - we would like @awight to co-mentor this.....

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Machine learning fraud detection in which area / code base?
Is this task about a featured 3 month project proposed to students (as I don't see this listed on ), or about a student's proposal for implementation (in that case the assignee should be the student themselves)?

@Aklapper Yes, this is not from the project featured in the list. My sense is that @Eileenmcnaughton and Saurabh have been jointly discussing this idea and might submit the proposal to the CiviCRM organization with WMF as a supporting org.

I'm a bit on the fence about whether this should go to Civi or WMF as the GSOC org & was leaning to suggesting the student put it to both & we sort it out as we work through approval process. The crux of the code to be written will stand alone from CiviCRM but the intention is WMF systems (including CiviCRM) can interface with it - providing it with the information to learn how to identify fraud & evaluate fraud. There is quite a lot of enthusiasm for this in Advancement and it could be beneficial to other CiviCRM users. Should I add to the projects page?

@Eileenmcnaughton I think you could make the best decision here in which organization this project would best fit in. Also, it is a good idea, for now, to submit the proposal to both organizations. For the formalities then, you could add the project to the featured list here:, and point Saurabh to follow Wikimedia's participant's guidelines (most important is Step 9 in the application process steps If Saurabh has further questions, feel free to connect me with him. Thanks!

@srishakatux @Eileenmcnaughton duly noted. Thanks for the info; I'll try and do a draft on phab (and also Civi's gitlab) by EOD.

Shifted the content and subscribers to T190523. @Eileenmcnaughton it might be okay to close this now.