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AbuseLog entries associated with revdel'd revisions are hidden from administrators
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Steps to reproduce:

  • Be a sysop.
  • Find a revdel'd revision which also triggered some filter(s) (eg. a tagged one).
  • Try to find an AbuseLog entry for the edit.

If you don't have abusefilter-hidden-log right, you won't succeed. I think this doesn't make sense (unless the entry is hidden as well, otherwise you need special rights). If I can see the text that was hidden, why cannot I see the log entry, which reveals nothing I don't know?

Giving live examples would be pointless because logs are usually hidden from ordinary users.

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Please note that abusefilter-hidden-log and abusefilter-hide-log are Oversight-level permissions that must not be granted to non OS people.

@MarcoAurelio That is not relevant. abusefilter-hidden-log and abusefilter-hide-log are about the abuse logs. This issue is about when a page (e.g. an article) has a revision that triggered a filter and then was revdel'ed.

Thanks for closing the duplicate, mateg! I searched the board and couldn't find an existing task.

Copying over some points from T197480:

Daimona subscribed.

I'm looking at this, it's quite a simple fix focused on avoiding a string to bool conversion. However, this could make another problem appear, i.e. T44734 for revdel'ed revisions. I'm seizing the opportunity to fix both.

Change 445727 had a related patch set uploaded (by Daimona Eaytoy; owner: Daimona Eaytoy):
[mediawiki/extensions/AbuseFilter@master] Show AF logs for a revdeled revision if the user can see the revision

Huji removed a project: Patch-For-Review.

@Daimona should we also close T44734 now that this is merged?

Change 445727 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/AbuseFilter@master] Show AF logs for a revdeled revision if the user can see the revision

@Huji No, I've been too optimistic while saying that I would have tried to fix both. Per my comment on that task (and the other before), it won't be easy at all.